What Jewelry Should I Bring on Vacation?

Whether it's a summer car trip or a flight away from winter to a tropical getaway, you don't want to bring the royal jewels but still want to glitter along with the ocean waves.

You pack your outfits with care and a piece or two of jewelry can catch the eye and really complete a look. Don't leave your jewelry plans to the last minute. 

Bring jewelry you love, leave behind the stress

Bring items you already have or select new ones that you can bring along without stressing over loss or breakage. No emotional treasure or costly items.

You might consider leaving the treasured wedding and engagement rings at home and consider a less expensive ring to symbolize of your betrothal.

Being in the sun can liberate our sensuous side, inviting flimsy outfits and the opportunity to adorn ourselves in ways winter coats and boots won't allow. Flaunt those body chains and anklets! Express the sexy side you keep hidden at home.

When you get home, these items will be a memento of your turn in the sun.