Chokers - Then and Now

Chokers have come in and out of style several times throughout history. The choker's origins date back to the late 19th century. It was believed that only the elite wore such pieces of jewelry because it had to be custom made to fit a woman's neck perfectly.  

This trend was popular into the 1920s and it would seem that every 20-30 years after that, the choker comes back into fashion as shown by the "dog collar" of the 1940s, the bohemian look of the 1970s, gothic chokers of the 1990s and once again in the current fashion scene.

The tasseled choker is a simple yet fashionable piece of jewelry.  It's versatility makes it very popular because it can be worn wrapped around the neck and left open or tied into a bow or loose knot.  

To boost the look of a simple choker, layers can be added to provide more interest. The Capri layered choker mixes a delicate flower lace collar with a chain and pretty pendant. 

One of the most popular and simplest choker is the ribbon choker.  It's made of a variety of materials such as actual ribbon, leather, velvet and suede.  The ends are fastened with an adjustable chain and lobster clasp although it can also be tied for a more casual, grab and go look.  

The bow choker is a version of the tasseled style except that it wraps the neck twice and tied into a bow in front. Stainless steel barrels replace the tassels at the ends. This can also be worn open or tied depending on the desired look.

Chokers are a very affordable piece of jewelry that allows women to mix and match as the occasion and mood calls for. Perfect to take on that vacation too!  Shop our selection of chokers to find the one that matches your mood.