5 Worry Free Ways to Pack Jewelry for Travel

Dreaming of your next vacation? While most of us look forward to the sun and sand, not many of us love to pack. These 5 tips for packing your jewelry will ensure that necklaces won't tangle, earrings won't get lost and bracelets keep their shape.

1. The Jewelry Pouch

Whether you buy jewelry online or in store, each piece will come in a soft pouch usually made of velvet or other ultra soft fabric. If you don't have an enclosed jewelry storage at home, these pouches are perfect for storing jewelry as well as packing them for travel. Jewelry will be kept safe from the sunlight, scratches and moisture.

2. Pill Box

Some DIY jewelry storage works really well. A daily pill box helps keep small earrings together so you don't lose anything during travel. You can even use it to organize your earrings by the day of the week! :)

3. Straws

Necklaces are a piece of jewelry that need extra care so that they don't tangle. Have you ever tried to untangle a delicate chain necklace? Frustrating to say the least not to mention the risk of damaging the necklace. Straws can help solve this issue by keeping most of the chain straight. Feeding the necklace through one end and out the other and then fastening it will ensure you will never have to use tweezers to untangle a necklace ever again!

4. Jewelry Travel Cases and Rolls

There are several styles of travel cases and rolls that will fit everyone's needs. The important thing to remember is to choose a case that has specific areas for your jewelry. If you tend to have more rings than bracelets, then make sure the case has several ring slots. You may need a couple of cases to ensure all the jewelry you want to take will fit.

5. Household Items

If you are on budget, using ziploc bags and towels is better than not packing and protecting your jewelry safely.

And finally, things to remember:

Store your jewelry in your carry-on so you don't have to worry about losing anything.
Avoid wearing your jewelry in the water and ocean.
Keep your jewelry away from sunscreen and perfumes.